Saturday, June 6, 2009


Yesterday, Eric and I celebrated our 6th Anniversary.

With high school graduations and planning receptions, we happened to get married on a Thursday. It was really cool to be the only couple married that day at the Spokane Temple. It was fun to be babied and to have all of the workers taking care of us. The day was perfect. It was so sunny and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. I remember being really emotional. I cried when I walked into the celestial room to meet Eric and then cried again when we walked into the Sealing room and then cried again when it was time to be married. There really isn't anything better than marrying the right person in the right place at the right time.

Eric planned a little excursion for us and it was really fun to be able to get away and focus on each other for a while. My parents gave us a Gift Certificate they had won to a nice hotel downtown Spokane. We drove to Pullman and got a bunch of WSU Track & Field stuff, then we went to the temple, and then went to Land of the Lost (don't watch it!). We really appreciated my mom and Mary watching the kids and for the gift certificate.

As we were driving to Pullman, a Brad Praisley song called Then came on, and it explained so much how I feel about Eric. I thought I loved Eric then, but it is so cool how much that love changes and grows. We have been given the opportunity to experience things that have helped us learn things and appreciate things in ways we wouldn't have otherwise. I am so grateful for how it has strengthened our friendship and our marriage. Eric is the best husband and the only person that could handle being married to me. He is a patient man. I am so thankful to be married to my best friend and to be able to raise a family with him. Eric is wonderful!

I found our wedding album and scanned a bunch of the pictures in. I need to get all them digitalized (is that how you say it?). It wierd to think we got married before digital cameras were used too much. It is fun to see how much our families have grown up.
Eric's Siblings (minus brother on mission)I love Eric's face in this picture. He looks so cute!
My Sweet Wedding/Running Shoes
My Siblings


Bowles said...

Congratulations!!! 6 years. that is amazing. It seems like yesterday you were only on a few months of wedded bliss.
I am glad we were able to meet and become friends with you both. You are wonderful people and deserve all the happiness life can offer.

Trevor and Holly said...

Congratulations!! You guys are so CUTE!! Mine and Trevors anniversary is today!! Seven years, it is amazing how fast time flies once you get married and start having kids!! LOVE IT!!

Adam & Brandi said...

Wow! Seriously, six years?!! That is so crazy. It seems like it was just yesterday that Eric was so excited to get back to the condo in Cancun to call you. He was such a "little" boy, so excited to talk to you. And he talked forever it seemed like!!! Some people vacation to Cancun for the sun, Eric did for the long-distant phone calls to a girl friend, fiance, and eventual wife and mother of his children! Congratulations you guys.


Eric, it was good chatting with you yesterday. Hope your drive went well to Wenatchee. And hope you have fun there with your family. I miss all the fun games our families used to play together, especially double Solitare (or something like that). Have fun working with your Dad!