Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all. Especially Eric, my Dad and Eric's Dad. We are blessed with really special Dad's and it was fun to celebrate them today. The kids and I got up and made Eric a special breakfast of blueberry pancakes. We got Eric a little keychain/digital viewer so he can have pictures of the kids while he is gone at school. I wanted a picture of the kids for the main picture when he turned it on. The boys were already eating, so these were the best I got.

Travis is looking so old.
Tanner's so cute!
We have been in Wenatchee for the last week and the kids are in heaven. They live outside here. They have a huge garden with fresh strawberries. Anyways, we are moving from Cheney to Spokane this week. Some of our friends from Pullman haven't been able to sell their house, so they are allowing us to rent from them for the next year, so housing has worked out really well for us. We are excited for Eric to be minutes from school and to be in Spokane.

This week we celebrated Aubree's anniversary of when she was sealed to our family. She was so cute when she would tell people why it was her anniversary and that she got to go to the temple with her Mom and Dad. Aubree is such a blessing in our life. She is such a special and mature girl. We are so thankful that Heavenly Father blessed us with each one of our miracles and with being a family forever.

Love this girl!


Aaron and Brooke said...

She is so cute! we just moved to spokane valley too. its nice being in town since we were always making trips. it will save on the gas and money! : )

tara said...

I love Aubree's hair! She sure has grown into a pretty little girl. The picture of her holding the sign over her face made me laugh. I'm SO looking forward to seeing you next month. Long time overdue!