Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Last week it got into the 80's and we were outside almost the whole day. A week later it is snowing. The kids love playing outside and eating popsicles.
Tanner helping my Dad mow the lawn. My Dad found a dead mouse underneath his lawn mower and put in a ziploc bag. Tanner carried it around trying to scare me with it.
My youngest sister, Leslie, had her senior prom this weekend. She looked really pretty. I thought she looked like she was ready for the red carpet.


Melanie said...

Yeah...the weather here is SOOOOO crazy.

I can't believe tanner had a dead mouse. That sound like something my dad would have done as well.

Leslie does look beautiful. She is growing up a lot.

HalnJess said...

LOVE the weather this time of year! And yes, your sister is stunning! I love the dress!

The Osborns said...

I miss those three days of good weather!!

Gross to the mouse thing! Sounds like Tanner though!

Leslie! When did you grow up?! You are gorgeous!