Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lots of Pictures and ADOPTION

The weather got a little bit nicer, so we tried to get some pictures of the kids outside.

Love this picture.

Tanner acting like a monkey.

Love this girl! My sister, Sara, put a little lip gloss on Aubree's lips, so she kept doing this "delicate" smile. I can't believe how old she is getting.
Aubree said some funny stuff this week. One day she had some some gas and tooted a bunch. After every toot she would say, "excuse me." Anyways, she walked across the room and tooted with every step. After saying excuse me with every step, she said "Sorry, I have crazy gas." Aubree also always says that things are "pretty, kinda" instead of just pretty or kinda. For example, she would say, "Mom, that's pretty, kinda cool." or "It's pretty, kinda cold in here."
Tanner has the coolest blue eyes.

Travis is so handsome. He has the cutest smile.

We tried to get a picture of the kids before church.

These three kids are so amazing; they have completely changed our lives. Our lives are busy, fun, and wonderful, with these amazing kids. Interestingly, throughout the past year, Eric and I have felt strongly that we need to become approved for adoption again. We are just finishing up that process, and we plan to be approved within the next couple weeks. Within the last decade, the majority of adoption placements have happened through networking. In other words, the people who are reading this are an important part of our network, and if you know of someone who is pregnant and may be interested in placing their baby for adoption, please keep us in mind. If you feel inclined, you can refer these people to our blog and give them our contact info - we will be adding a link to our blog that will allow viewers to see our adoption profile. Adoption has been and continues to be an eternal blessing to us. We love our kids, and we are so thankful for the blessing of being parents. Thanks.

Last week after Tanner went to the bathroom, he signed(pointed to his eye, crossed his heart, and pointed to) and said "I love you" to his poop as he flushed it down the toilet.I took some pictures of my little sister Sara.
This was our April Fools joke this year. These are actually meat loaf with pink mashed potatoes spread on top. It is pretty funny to see people eat them.


Winders said...

Gorgous photos! The kids all look so happy to be outside :)
Great idea for the meatloaf brownies, I'm totally doing that next year!

Bowles said...

Great pics of the kids. They are growing so fast.
I can always count on you guys to come up with good April fools jokes. Good one. At least meatloaf and potatoes go together.
You guys have a good day!

Bree and Jeff Muai said...

You guys have a beautiful family!! I a hope all is well. If you ever make it to the Tri-Cities give us a call.

ady said...

Beautiful pictures! You guys are awesome.