Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Time is flying by. I can't believe it is almost April. We are doing good, besides all of us getting some sort of bug that caused throwing up and "something else" not fun. We are on the mend and can't wait till it gets warmer out. Eric found out last week that we was accepted into the RIDE program. The University of Washington dental school picks eight students who get to do their 1st year and most of their 4th year in Spokane. It will be nice to be so close to family for an extra year (and only have to live in Seattle for a little over 2 years).

As I was looking through all my pictures to see which ones to post, I didn't have too many to choose from. Most of them ended up being of Aubs and half of them her hair looked crazy (I promise I do her hair).
I love her! Aubs is so beautiful! Aubree is growing up way too fast. She is learning things so fast. She has decided she wants to be a doctor and is learning a lot of anatomy terms. I can't believe all that she can remember. She loves listening to stories, especially stories about Jesus. Eric will tell her stories of Jesus at night when he puts her to bed and she'll remember details that he won't even remember telling her. Aubs is also getting so good at her prayers. She has even started helping Tanner with his prayers.
Aubree loves to dress up. The picture below, she came downstairs with these stickers on her shirt (the letters in her name and a 3).
I came into our family room and found Aubs on Tanner's lap, reading him a book. They sat like that for a while. They are so cute!


Trista Teeter said...

I cannot BELIEVE how big Aubrey is getting. And yes, how gorgeous. lol, I just wanted to mention that Russ is the same way w/ Brooklyn and "big words" as they call them. If Brooklyn wants something, then she has to say a "nice word" and a "big word" (or two, depending on what she wants, lol).

Her recent accomplishments have been 'dioxyribonucleic acid' and 'adenosine triphosphate'. HA. Not that she has any clue what they mean! lol

Army Petes said...

Congrats on the RIDE program! Everything is falling into place for your family! We love you and miss you!
D & J

MelissaR said...

Yea! Congrats to you both- it will be so nice for you guys to stay in Spokane a little longer!

Winders said...