Monday, March 9, 2009


Tanner decided this week that he wanted to go poo in the potty.  I never even asked him if he would like to.  He was taking a bath and went(in the toilet).  Ever since that (last Monday), he has pooped everytime but once in the toilet. They even came and got me while he was in nursery and he went.  I still can't believe it.  This is Tanner, who just last week was still pulling other people's poop out of toilets (sorry about the graphic nature of this post).  He has no idea with peeing, but the less diapers poopy diapers I change, the better.  I am so proud of him.  Hopefully this isn't a fluke.
My dad teaches the kids gymnastics every Saturday.  
Handsome Tan.  I love this boy!
Aubree and Tanner are such good friends.  
Aubs checking herself out in a mirror.
Tanner has the BEST laugh.  It is just infectious.  He is such a happy boy.
Travis is 15 months old now.  I can't believe how old he is and how big he getting.  It is crazy for me to imagine that Trav is the age that Aubree was when I found out I was pregnant.  
This is what I saw when I looked back from my seat.  It is enough to make me cry.  

Tanner got into my mascara and if you look close, you can see his fat lip.  He slipped on some tile flooring and put his teeth straight into his top lip.  Blood was everywhere and his gums turned all purple. He is all better now.

We love to pop our own popcorn for our family night treat.


HalnJess said...

I love it! Take it and run, right? The kids are so cute and I'm loving the fact that your dad teaching gymnastics!! I think I need to have a conversation with my dad (hahah)

The Osborns said...

That's awesome that Tanner WANTS to go poop on the potty! He's made it a long way from taking poop OUT of the toilet to actually putting it IN to the toilet! That's great!

I also think it is totally cool that your dad teaches the grandkids gymnastics every Saturday! What a cool grandpa!

MelissaR said...

Jenny- your kids are so cute! I really admire you for keeping up with 3 kids that are so close together in age. Mine are 22 months apart, and some days, with 3 now, its all I can do to make it through the day. You're my hero!

Bowles said...

The kids are looking good these days.
The picture of the boys holding hands in the car is about as sweet as it gets, if you ask me. And that is a good bonk on Travis' head. Man, I bet that hurt.
Good job on the toilet Tanner! I agree the less diaper you have to change the better. I love it when they decide for themselves that its time to use the toilet.
You all have a super day!!

Jeni said...

Thanks for the posts on poop and throwing up etc. Jeni and I had a good laugh (laughing with you :) of course). With our busy boys destroying the house and all it's nice to know that others are going through the same things. Thanks again for the smiles. You have some awesome pictures of your cute kids on here and it's fun to see what's going on in your life! -Shilo

Lisa said...

Ah potty training...good times huh? Sounds like Tanner is off to a great start! The kids are getting so big Jenny- they are adorable! I miss you! Come visit us in Utah?