Monday, March 5, 2012

Lock's of Love

Aubree's hair is beautiful.  It is so long and has the prettiest curls.  She told me last week she would like a haircut, since it has been harder and harder to keep her hair knot free.  Aubree decided she wanted to donate her hair to Lock's of Love.
Tanner saw the picture of Aubree's donation and said it looked like hay.  Aubree had a game face on the whole time she was getting her hair cut.  She has only had her hair cut by my sister, so she really enjoyed being pampered at the salon. 
I still haven't gotten a really good picture of her new "do" yet, but she LOVES it!  Aubree is the biggest daddies girl you'll ever meet. 
We made a quick trip to surprise my Dad for his birthday and my oldest brother came to town.  Aubree spent as much time as she possibly could with her buds.  I think it makes her look all grown up.

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Brooke said...

Awww. It does make her look so grown up! That's cool she wanted to donate it, most kids her age don't know about it. My sister donates all the time since her hair grows ridiculously fast and her hair is so thick she can actually donate 2 ponytails. I bet your getting very ready for this baby to come!