Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Too Many Pictures, Not Enough Time

 Our little baby is probably going to be here in the next week and I realized I have tons of pictures I need to post.  I know if I wait till the baby is born then I will forget stuff and continue to put it off.  I normally get my blog posts done during naps, but I have been using nap time to nap instead.  I have been sleeping terribly and I can't sit up straight that long (little guy bruises me along my ribs).  Anyways, just feeling like I have been pregnant for 9 months...  
 We have been trying to stay busy and take every advantage in the weather that we can get.  We have gone to the zoo a few times.
 Jared the turtle.
 Aubs and Tann with the orangoutangs.
 Aubree posing with the peacock.
 Aubree and Trav at the park on our way home from the zoo.
 Jared loves being outside.

Jared tried getting off the bench the wrong way.
We got a few pics of the kids before church a few weeks ago.  I love how these pictures show the each of the kids personalities.

 Jared dumped out our community crackers for CrossFit.
It's a fun game for him to unload and load.
Jared loves putting articles of clothing over his head and walking around the house.  I love how you can see his slobbery mouth.
 Tanner posing with his own "hat."
 The kids have been doing soccer for the last couple months.  They have enjoyed it, but said they would rather just do swimming lessons next time.  Tanner is really good.  He runs really fast and is really good at following directions.
 Travis would rather be coloring/drawing on the sidelines.  The coaches have to remind him a lot to get up off the ball.  He loves the games they play if there are animals involved.  On his last week Travis told me he couldn't play because he was pregnant.  He tells us often that he is pregnant with a tiger cub.
 The boys always have to be near each other.  They are really good buddies.
 Aubree is in the age group above the boys and was one of the only girls.  She enjoyed playing and learned a lot.  A few of the boys got in trouble for talking too much with Aubs.  Oh man...
 She is looking too old.
 I wanted to get some pictures of Jared at 18 months and Tanner wanted one of him first.  It was bright out. 
 We miss Aubree's curls, but it is so much easier to take care of.
 Jared would not look at me.  No matter what I did or sounds I made.  Jared is now 18 months old and is such a nice boy.  He loves putting on one big shoe (any he can find) and walking around the house.  He runs all over the place and uses just one arm in a very pronounced swing.  He no longer uses a binky.  That was harder on me than it was on him.  Jared loves his Dad and that is his favorite word to say.  He loves Aunt Sara too.   I often find him crawling in bed with her to snuggle.
 Jared is getting a lot better at feeding himself.  He likes to use multiple utensils.  
Eric had a week and a half off from school and we loved so much time with him.  We headed down south to visit our good friends in Lacey.  Our friend was nice enough to highlight my hair (I am getting gray!).  On our way we stopped at the Tacoma Zoo.  It was fun to see a few different animals and we especially loved the aquarium they had there.  The tiger at this zoo is a lot closer to see.
 The aquarium had a bunch of sharks and even had animals the kids could touch.
 Eric is so wonderful!  He gave me a day to myself, where I could go do whatever I wanted.  When I came home he was out on our trampoline with the kids.  I am so grateful for Eric and great Dad/husband he is!
 We have been having fun with bubbles.
 Travis always has very important things to tell us about life, especially animals.  He is always telling us how to spell things, what animals do/eat.  He loves to teach us all about animals.  He knows more about animals than I do.
 Anytime there is any sun out, Travis thinks he need to put his swimsuit on.  We are ready for Spring here.
 LOVE Jared's teeth!
 Jared has been loving his baths lately.  He will bathe as long as we let him and throws a fit when it is time to get out.  One day last week, Eric got Jared out and all dressed.   Before the water had drained, he was back in, splashing around.
 My awesome friends threw me a baby shower, so I made sure Eric got a picture of me (I don't get dressed up very often).  This was my first baby shower for a baby I have given birth to.  I did have one with Aubs, Tanner, and Andrew.  I am so grateful to our kind, wonderful, and selfless friends.  It is going to be sad when we have to leave.
  I am a wide pregnant girl.
I know it is near the end when my maternity clothes are getting too tight... 
My friend created a CrossFit workout with baby supplies.  I loved the diaper barbell.

 I have a few pictures from Instagram that I wanted to make sure got posted on our blog. 
 We now have to lock our water dispenser.
 Tanner is such a funny boy.  He loves playing with the aging app.
 Jared on his first day of nursery.  We will see how long it takes for him to even let Eric put him down in the nursery room.
 Sara treated Aubree and I to our first pedicure.  I am hooked.  It was heavenly.  Aubree loved it and even got a manicure.  Thanks Sare!
 One night when Eric put the kids to bed, he let Travis have a sleepover with Aubs (Tanner is normally asleep before Travis makes it up to his bed).  They loved it.  I love how Travis has shiny, glossed lips.
 Helpful Jared loves to drag a stool to the cupboards and be so "helpful."
This week we celebrated Andrew's Temple Sealing Anniversary.  As I have been getting closer to delivery, I have been more and more hormonal/emotional.  We miss Andrew so much and are so grateful to have such a perfect boy sealed to us.  We are so grateful for the blessings of the Temple.  That day was so perfect!  
One of my friends at my shower talked about how much this baby and Andrew were able to interact.  It is a pretty awesome thing to think about.  This new baby is as close to Andrew as anything we have and we are so excited to have a little bit of heaven in our home again.  

This ended up being a long one and am impressed if anyone but family made it all the way through.  


Ali said...

I made it all the way through! So cute to see pictures of your kids...they are growing up! And I'm glad you put some pictures on there of you! When you said you were having this baby in the next week I was shocked!! You look great and I can't wait to hear of his arrival. Love the end of your post about Andrew - it is cool to think that he will be sad to see his little buddy - your new baby - leave him for a time. I am sure the feelings go both ways:)

Winders said...

Of course I made it all the way through! I love your posts!
Jared's multiple utensils really crack me up! You are so beautiful pregnant :)

Brad R. said...

I love getting updates on your awesome family. Love those kids!

Mel said...

I made it to the end too - and it wasn't even hard! Good luck with that new one's arrival. Such a blessed and sacred time. xoxox

Celeste said...

It was so good it visit you guys! Can you believe it's been a month since we were there!? I can't! I love that when I look through your posts now I can say, "Hey, I've been there!"

Loved about your post:
1. Naked boy running through your prego picture! You look fantastic by the way!!
2. Aubree's hair. She looks so grown-up!
3. Diaper barbell.
4. Eric gave you the day to yourself! What a guy!
5. Your friends threw a shower! What darling friends you have!

Basically, Loved it all!!!

MelissaR said...

You are such a CUTE pregnant girl!!! We're so excited for your new little guy to arrive! Enjoy your little newborn. My baby is nearly 14 months and it about breaks my heart that she's growing up. Love and miss you guys!

Laura and crew said...

I could have kept reading! Your kids crack me up and I'm ALWAYS impressed at how you take everything in kids fully dressed in the bathtub and naked babies photobombing and all sorts of stuff. Plus great pics! Love the one of Jared in his orange shirt on the swing. It looks professional!

The Thackers said...

I loved everything about this post. I agree with Laura, you just have this easy going way about you and just take everything in stride. I love that about you.

What a sweet and lovely thought to think of Andrew and your new little boy up in heaven enjoying their last few moments together. I love that heaven can feel so close at times, and especially around the birth of a child.

Well, this post just made me miss you, your family, cross fit, and all our wonderful friends. I wish I could have been at the shower. I loved the diaper bar bell.

Also, great pictures of your kids. I love that Travis tells you he is pregnant with a tiger cub. Made me giggle.

Well, thinking of you. Can't wait to see pics fo your new little baby!