Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Year Birthday!

My Dad celebrates his "15th" birthday today.  I thought it was so cool growing up and my Dad only got a birthday once every four years.  
My Dad is one of a kind.    He is a wonderful Dad and Grandpa!
He has always taken the time to play with us.  He would work hard and then come home and take us to do fun things. 
 He taught me how to fish and has since helped to teach each of our kids how to fish also.
 My Dad works really hard.  He started up his own wireless internet company and he taught himself everything he know about computers and the internet.
 My Dad loves to learn.  He know Tahitian and French fluently and can speak/understand quite a bit of Spanish and Portuguese.  
 My Dad is one of the most generous people I know.  He and my Mom are constantly looking for ways to serve and help us and anyone around them.  
Together with my Mom, my parents have been wonderful examples of how parents should be and of selfless love.
My Dad takes good care of himself.  He still exercises almost everyday.  Up until a few years ago he could still do a round off back handspring.
I am grateful for my Dad's testimony.  I had the opportunity of being taught by him in early morning seminary.  He knows so much about the Gospel and also is an example of it.
I have a picture of my Dad singing with all of our kids just like this.  
I am so grateful for my Dad and the strength he has been to me since Andrew died.  He is full of so much empathy and love.    
  My Dad always took the time to read to us or sing to us every night he was able to put us to bed.  
I'm grateful I was blessed with being his daughter.  


Winders said...

What an incredible man. I can clearly see that he had a great influence on you. This celebration of him warms my heart.

Allison Barnes said...

You have an amazing dad! I think of your family often! I will always remember the many testimonies that your dad bore in church! He is a great example. We loved the example your parents set for us when we lived in liberty lake!

reen said...

That's a lot of accomplishments for a 15 year old! *wink wink* He sounds like a great guy. How blessed your family is to have him.