Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Day

I need to get back in the habit of weekly posts.  The weeks are going by really fast and I don't seem to be taking as many pictures.  I am now 31 weeks and everything is going well.  His "womb" is getting more cramped and the kicks aren't as fun to feel as they used to be.  Somedays it feels like he is doing pull ups on my rib cage.  It is getting exciting that we will have our new baby boy in the next  7 weeks (crossing my fingers).
We start church later this year, so we took the time to get some pictures of Jared before church on Sunday.  He starts nursery in about 6 weeks and I can't believe how fast he is growing up. 
Jared has the last four of his teeth all through now and is still a constant drooler.  He loves animals and makes the cutest animals sounds.  Whenever we are outside and he sees a bird he will say, "wow".  He is saying it in the picture above.  He went straight from walking to running and loves to "exercise" in our garage.  We have a 3lb kettlebell that he uses to do the cutest kettlebell swings with.
 Cute boys before church.
 I love these pictures of Travis.  When we went to check on him last week he was holding his tiger on his chest and had his finger in his sword.  He is also wearing his spiderman pants.

Sara has a Texas Rangers ear warmer that she wears for soccer that Travis found and wore for at least three days (because it has a T on it). 
We had beautiful weather for a few days and made a trip to the zoo.  They had a miniature donkey out that we could pet.  
Notice Trav is wearing ear warmer... 

 We attempted a photo by the gorillas...
At the start of the New Year we started a "wise choice jar".  Instead of earning tickets on their own, they have been working together to fill a mason jar up with marbles (gumballs).  Aubree picked the first reward and it was a trip to Menchies for frozen yogurt.   

One of our photographer friends had a fun Valentines photo shoot at her house.  

 Classic Trav
 Jared wanted nothing to do with a being in a picture and doesn't like being that far away from me.

Tanner asked me this week when Andrew was coming back down from heaven.  Aubree "gets" it all, but Tanner is now starting to ask more questions.  He was talking about how much Andrew would have on his bunk bed and how much fun he would have with Jared.  We are so grateful to be able to know where Andrew is and have the comfort that we will see him again.  I can't wait to kiss those lips!

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Melanie said...

I can't believe Jared is almost old enough for nursery....that is CRAZY!

Travis seems like such a character. He and "I" would be such good friends.

You children are so blessed to have you as parents. What a good job you have done to teach them all about heaven and the love of their Heavenly Father.