Thursday, August 11, 2011


 We have really enjoyed the nice weather.
 Eric had a dental school party at a professor's house.  The kid's loved it.
  Jared hung out while the kids swam.

 This girl is growin' up too fast.
 We got out Aubree's old face/body paints and had some fun.
Jared wouldn't sit still for his... 
 Tiger Brothers

 Pantless Trav pulling Aubs and Jared in the wagon.
Love this boy.
This guy is standing up on everything. 
 Our first attempt at Trav's tiger.
The first track meet a month ago.  My favorite video of the boys race.  There are tags pinned on the kids shoulders that have removable stickers.  As the kids cross the finish line they remove the stickers.  I love how he is holding his arm and as says, "Go Sara."
 This is what happened when we got back from a quick trip to Costco to buy eggs.
 Nygard cousins ran in the last track meet with our kids and they're waiting here for the long jump.
 Tanner and Travis in their 100m dash.
Love the look on Aubs face.
Andrew Memory:  It is hard for me to really realize that we won't be making any new memories with Andrew here on earth.  The memories we have been adding to end of the posts for last 8 months, is what we have and I am so grateful for those.  I'm grateful we have written so many down, because I have already forgotten so many of them.  Today was thinking about how special Andrew is.  Eric and I had always said that about him.  We knew there was just something different.  I starting thinking about the very first time I saw our Andrew and held him.  I was in Wenatchee spending time with Eric's family (his little brother had just returned home from serving a mission).  Eric was back in Spokane, busy with his first year of dental school.  I hadn't heard from our case worker in a few weeks and I thought everything with the adoption had fallen through.  I had just laid the kids down for naps and I got a call from our case worker telling me our Birth Mom was at the hospital getting ready to push.  Eric and I were both two and a half hours away, but we both left as soon as we could.  I got to the hospital 1 hour after Andrew was been born.  When I walked onto the floor I could see a nurse holding a dark haired newborn boy.  As soon as I got closer and saw his face, I knew I was looking at our perfect little boy.  It is the same for me when I first look at each one of our kids, regardless of if they are adopted or biological.  There is just an instant connection.  This angel baby was someone we knew was meant for our family and we had prayed and hoped for.  The nurse handed him to me and I didn't put him down again until Eric got there a little while later.  He melted my heart the first time I saw him; he melted my heart every day of his mortal life; he continues to melt my heart and make me a better person, every day.


Winders said...

What a fun summer!
I love how you took a photo of the eggs. It inspires me to keep some perspective :)

The Thackers said...

I love your Andrew memories. This one made me cry. What a special time. Love the photos and videos of your kids.

You Are Forever Beautiful said...

You guys are such a beautiful family. I've seen so much divorce and pain lately, it's so wonderful to see something beautiful. I knew it was out there, but knowing and really knowing are different. Your positivity and love for andrew though something horrible happened is wonderful. You are inspirational:)

Emma and Dan said...

I'm so glad they do a white coat ceremony in dental school too. It was so nice to do something to celebrate all of Dan's hard work part-way through his schooling. You are halfway there!!! I'm glad you've been having a fun summer. The egg picture made me laugh.
I love reading your memories of Andrew. His beautiful face never ceases to make my eyes tear up. What a gorgeous babe.