Friday, July 29, 2011

Track Meets

I have tons of pictures, and not a lot of time or desire to write stuff.
We've done family track meets at a coliseum here in town the last few weeks.  It has been fun. 

Trav doesn't quite get the start yet.

Eric ran 400m hurdles and 100m sprint and did amazingly well for it being his first time on the track in 3 years (he is wearing a yellow shirt).

Aubs jump roping

 Our friends gave Trav a new tiger mask.
 I love Aubree's style.

 My friend took these of Aubree while she was teaching me more photography stuff.

 We had a nice rain a few days ago that Tann LOVED playing in.
 Kids getting ready for their long jump run throughs.
Pretty classic of both Aubs and Tann.
 Tanner's 100m dash
Beginning of Trav's 100m Dash
 Aubs 100m dash
Yes, Tanner did get a buzz...  I'm glad his hair grows fast.  He loves it.
Dear Andrew,
I miss you all of the time.  I always feel like I have a little hole in me without you here.
Jared is starting to crawl and stand up on stuff and it reminds me so much of you.  You two would be such cute buddies right now.  When the kids run in their track meet, they have a 1-2 year-old division and I smile imagining you running.  The kids talk about you all of the time and miss you a lot.  I tell Jared all about you and I always show him pictures of you.  Whenever Jared crawls over to Tanner or Travis and pats them on the head or pulls on their clothes, they look at me and get excited because Jared reminds them of you.  They each have their moments when they miss you and ask us lots of questions.  I have my moments where I don't know how I am ever going to get through this and others where I am comforted by the knowledge I have that I know I will see you again.  I am so excited for that!  Your Dad was telling me he was laying Jared down and singing him I Love to See the Temple, and looked up on our wall to see a picture of you on the wall.  He said he was overcome by gratitude for the Temple and the chance we had to have you sealed to us there.  I still can't believe Heavenly Father loved me enough and trusted, that he blessed me with being your Mom.  You are the perfect boy and I'm trying to live worthy to be able to see you again and raise you.
We miss you and love you more than anything!
Love, Mom


knygard said...

Laughed out loud at Aubree's jump, so cute. Looked like fun. We are so in next week.

knygard said...

Laughed out loud at Aubree's jump, so cute. Looked like fun. We are so in next week.

Melanie said...

The pic are super cute as always. i will have to come back later when my connection is faster and watch the videos.

You are a sweet angel yourself Jenny. I too am grateful that you will be able to see little Andrew again. how lost we would be without that knowledge.


Allison Barnes said...

What fun pictures! And a beautiful note to your sweet Andrew.

Trevor and Holly said...

Such cute pics!! You are such an amazing Mom!! I love how you keep Andrews memory alive and talk about him often. I feel like talking about our loved ones that have past often and remembering all the things we loved in everyday life and sharing those things in the moment is such a comfort. Your whole family and especailly your little Andrew are such beautiful angels. Love you! Holly

Celeste-N-Wes Crew said...

Hi Jenny! It's been awhile since I've been on your blog and was thinking about you this last week. I so admire what great parents you and Eric are and how you create such a great loving atmosphere for your kids to be- well, just kids. Having fun and enjoying such happy experiences that they will remember for a lifetime. I just wanted you to know that you guys are still in our prayers and though I can't imagine the pain of your loss I just wanted you to know that I'm here, thinking about you and your sweet family. Lot's of love and hugs sent your way. Celeste

The Thackers said...

I love the goggle picture of Jared. So cute!