Sunday, August 14, 2011

White Coat Ceremony

 Yesterday was Eric's White Coat Ceremony.  At the University of Washington their first two years are primarily spent doing course work, while the last two years are spent doing more clinically based dentistry.  As the students transition into working in the clinic, they go through the white coat ceremony. This ceremony is seen as the passageway to being able to work on living patients.  I don't know about other schools, but it is a big deal at the University of Washington.  
Eric gave us the tour of the lab and clinic.
 68 White Coats
 My sister, Sara didn't have to work, so we were able to only bring Aubs and Tann.
 I am so proud of Eric.  He is has worked SO hard and has done so well and he even loves what he is doing.  We are so grateful for his hard work for our family.
 My parents were so nice and took the trip over from Spokane to support Eric.  
Eric's parents are out of town and weren't able to make it, so I wanted to get the best part on video for them.  


Jennifer Maughan Duke said...

CONGRATS Cuz!!!!! I am so proud. Sorry the in-laws were out of town Jenny-we really enjoyed having them here. You have a beautiful family and a great husband!!!! I am pretty excited for us cousins to get together again someday in the future-there is a lot of catching up to do-and you all need to meet my hubby-he is wonderful! Love ya!

Melanie said...

YEay! That is an important milestone. I'm so glad he's made it! That is SO awesome

Winders said...

YAY!! Way to go, Eric!! (And, way to go entire family!!)

The Thackers said...

That's awesome. Very exciting stuff! Cute picture of you and Eric. You guys are great.

Irondukesteve said...

Well done Eric. What an incredible achievement. I am proud of you mate. Tara and I keep talking about coming to visit you in Washington one day.