Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snow Days!

The last few days we have had some crazy, snowy weather for here in Seattle. Eric's school was cancelled Tuesday and Wednesday, so he has been able to get study days so the upcoming weeks (with finals) won't be so crazy. I left all of the kids snow clothes in Spokane, thinking we would only have a need for them when we were there. I wish we had them now.
Travis thinks he needs to wear his beanie all of the time.
Jared is now 10 weeks old. Oh, he is so nice! Jared is smiling all of the time, and is on the verge of laughing sometimes.
Aubree and Tanner had their primary program on Sunday. They both have had their lines down for weeks and we were excited to finally have the program. Aubs is pretty shy and was in tears before she went up. She and Eric had a prayer and they wrote her line on a piece of paper so she could cover her face if she wanted. When the time came she did so great! She didn't even seem nervous. Tanner, on the other hand, is not shy. He has a loud voice and isn't scared of talking in front of people. His line was, "Jesus loves me cause he gave me food." When it was his turn, he said his line, loud into the microphone and added, "mmmmm... mmmmmm..." at the end.
Andrew is getting so big. He is "talking" a lot and crawling super fast. He is not too close to walking yet. He will walk along stuff and stand on his own, but isn't interested in walking by himself. His favorite place to be is with Sara. He is really nice. He is constantly giving everyone sweet kisses, even Jared.

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone travels safely!

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