Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to do a post about the many things I am grateful for (Some of the things may or may not relate to the pictures I have posted).
I am grateful to be a mom; to have been able to both adopt and give birth to children that we have been blessed with raising.
I am grateful for the Gospel, our Savior, and the huge/amazing blessing that is in our lives.
I am grateful for our health (especially Eric's).
I am grateful for each one of our kids, but most days I am especially grateful for Aubree and the huge help she is.
I am grateful to have a washer and dryer in our home (and the little hands that "help" me fold them).
I am grateful for wonderful friendships we have. We have had the chance to spend time with friends from Pullman and have come to realize how grateful we are for the people we got to know while at WSU.
I am grateful for sleep. Thanks to BabyWise, we have trained our 5th child to sleep through the night.
I am grateful to live in a time of modern technology. To be able to take TONS of pictures of our kids and then use our computer and the internet to show them off and keep records of our life.
I am grateful for our Birth Moms. We have been blessed by adoption and are so appreciative of the sacrifice they made for us.
I am grateful for learning. The kids love books and learning. Aubree loves "reading" to her brothers.
I am grateful for exercise. I had the chance again this year to play in my Alumni game. I wasn't in that good of shape, but I had fun playing.
I am SO grateful for Eric. He is such a hard worker, wonderful dad, and the best husband! He doesn't have tons of time to spend with us, but when he does he makes the time worth it. He took his break from studying on Saturday to sled with Aubs.
I am grateful for Eric again. I really can't say enough about him. The sledding hill at the Nygard's was so steep the kid needed help climbing up it.
I am grateful for cousins. Our kids have lots of cousins close to their ages and LOVE spending time with them.
I am grateful for our families. Both of our families are so helpful to us and are constantly looking for ways to serve us. Their houses are always open to us and they always make us feel welcome (especially with 5 kids). They are always so willing to help with the kids and we are so grateful! We are also grateful for Brian (he is in the picture above). He is leaving in 4 weeks on his mission to Uruguay. He is such a good friend to Eric and I and he is going to be the best missionary.
I am grateful for my sister, Sara. I don't even know where to start with her. She just graduated from nursing school in May and is now my help/nanny. She left her life in Utah and put her needs/wants to the side so she could help me. Sara is so wonderful! I don't know what we would do without her.
I am grateful for Aubree (she loved sledding!).
I am grateful for Tanner.

I am grateful for Travis.
I am grateful for Jared.
I am grateful for Andrew.


Eric and Jenny said...
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Eric and Jenny said...

Jenny, I love you so much!!!!! You are the most amazing person I know. Thanks for being the BEST wife and mother. Love you!

knygard said...

Love the sledding pics. So much to be grateful for.

Winders said...

Jenny, I am grateful for your beautiful blog. It is uplifting and genuine. Thank you.