Saturday, August 21, 2010

We are moving today!

We are moving into our house today! We found out Thursday night that we could move in today. Eric got home yesterday, in time to move us. We are excited to have our own place again. We have been staying at my parents house while Eric was in California. We have spent a lot of time swimming and playing. Trav with a new hat and his silly face he makes all of the time.
Aubs driving the power wheels with no hands.
Aubs pushing Trav around in a stroller.

Love their smoothie faces.
We tried to get some good pictures this week. It is pretty frustrating trying to get them all to look.

Handsome Tann. Love this boy!
Trav is the hardest one to get a good picture of right now.
Andrew is getting so big. He has gotten a new tooth and has 2 more that are about to poke through.
Beautiful Aubs.
Each of the kids ended up with a picture where they were doing a silly face. I think they were tired of taking pics.

Aubree is really going to miss her cousins Leah and Claire. She cried when we left them.

Amy and Kirk took us boating last weekend. The kids had so much fun.
Tanner on the boat.
I love the look on Aubs face.
Andrew loved walking in the sand.
Aubs and Leslie after jumping into the river.
Tanner and Travis tubing with Sara and Leslie. They loved it.
Aubree and Tann playing cute in the water.


Melanie said...

I'm so glad you finally have a place to go. Whew! Good Luck with the move.

Winders said...

YAY! I'm so happy you found a place!

The Wynn Family said...

Yeah!! Although we are sad that you are really leaving us!