Monday, August 16, 2010

We miss our Dad!

I had my camera on the wrong setting and was hurrying so quick to get pics that I didn't notice till I was done. Now the edit looks all grainy. Anyways, Eric has been gone a week and will be back late Friday. We sure miss him, but he is enjoying it and learning a lot. We should have a move in date by the time Eric gets home (hopefully!). Thanks to everyone for your help.


Katie said...

I bet you guys do miss him! We tried to take good care of him for you while he was in L.A. It was fun to have him!

The Swansons said...

It's still a cute picture though! My how Andrew has grown. It looks like they're a happy bunch of kids.

Alexandria said...

We have moved so many times in our marriage but moving with 4 kids under 5, that's hard... I can't imagine being 35 weeks pregnant on top of it. You are a trooper. Hang in there! I'm excited for you to get settled. Whenever I need to get inspired or motivated I just come to your blog... you're amazing!