Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We sure love our Dad!

Aubs finished preschool the same week that Eric finished and I just found these pictures that I had forgot to post. She enjoyed preschool once she got there, but it wasn't the easiest thing to get her there everyday. Her teachers couldn't believe she still has another year before she starts kindergarten.

It is finally getting warmer. I can't believe how cold and rainy this spring has been. Today, it got over 80 degrees and the kids played outside all the time they weren't eating and sleeping. Eric put their slide into their swimming pool and they were in heaven. Tanner especially loves playing in the water no matter how freezing cold it is.
Travis is a funny boy. The kids grabbed some of their gloves to help Eric weed and work on the yard. Trav ended up wearing his mittens for a long time. He had Eric and I laughing when he dropped his graham cracker and was trying to pick it up without taking his mittens off.
It is so great to have Eric around. They still aren't used having him home, and will go up and give him hugs or just say, "Hi, Dad." It is really cute. We had a great Father's Day in Wenatchee. Eric is such an awesome Dad and I am so grateful for the kind of Dad that he is. He is so patient and loving with the kids. While Eric was mowing the lawn Trav just wanted to hold his hand. It doesn't get much cuter than the picture above.
Andrew is such a sweet boy! He is so even tempered and such a good baby. You can see his two teeth that have come in and he has a few more that are close. He loves to eat, especially his solid foods. Whenever he is eating his hands are constantly moving and shaking, showing his excitement.
When I feed him he likes to hold a spoon and help me feed him.
Travis wants to be like Eric. Whenever he sees Eric wear a hat, he has to wear one. He is wearing Andrew's sweatshirt in this picture. I don't know why. He looks like a thug.
Eric's hat
Eric's hat and glasses.
Love this picture of the kids all playing nice together.
Travis with his Toy Story/Woody hat. Trav is going through the stage of taking off his pjs every night after we put him to bed. One night, Eric went to check on him and he was standing there with all his clothes and diaper in his hands. We make sure he has a onesie on now. As soon as he wakes up in the morning he puts them back on. He must just be too warm.
We celebrated Aubree's "Anniversary" this last week. We celebrate the day the kids were each sealed to us. She has been so excited for it for so long, asking me all the time how much longer. Everyone she saw that day, she told them it was her anniversary. It is so cute to listen to her explain what her anniversary is. We are so grateful for our little Aubs. She is such an awesome and special girl. I love her smile!
These two are so funny. They love each other so much. Tanner sure looks up to his sister and would rather play with her than anyone else.
Eric started his 4 week clinical rotation (RUOP) in Colville last week. They have a 2-bedroom furnished apartment for our family. The kids room has two queen beds and kids loved it. They had so much fun playing and jumping that they woke up pretty tired the next morning.

Eric has really enjoyed the RUOP so far. He has been able to apply a lot of was he has learned and has been able to give lots of injections (he is a pro!) and get other good experience.
Cute Tann in his very own bed. When we were in Wenatchee this last weekend a primary teacher came up to Tanner and said, "I know your name, it's on the tip of my tongue." Tanner looked at her and said, "Oh, I see it!" Tanner is so full of personality.
Andrew's cute smile.

Once a week we head out to my Mom's and meet my sister's family there. My Mom has all of this Polly Pocket stuff with tons of accessories. Aubree, Claire and Leah (cousins) put together furnished houses and cities together. It is so cute. Aubree is going to go through withdrawals from her buddies. When we were in Wenatchee, some friends were over and Tanner said a potty word. Aubree told him he shouldn't say potty words and then turned to the friends and apologized for Tanner's potty words and said, "My cousin's brother says potty words too." Funny girl.
Claire and Aubs cheesing it, with Andrew.

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