Thursday, June 3, 2010


I got a superman costume at a garage sale that Trav and Tanner love to wear. Travis runs around the house saying, "Superman!."
After a bath, Trav decided to finish his dinner.
Eric's brother, Brandon, had his birthday this week and we celebrated with him. The kids sure LOVE their uncle Brandon.
Andrew's classic staring face. He is such a nice boy! Andrew finally broke through his bottom two teeth. He is now our latest teether.
Eric's sister and family moved to Montana last week and we had Aubree's cousin, Carly come and sleep over before she left. Aubree was in heaven! They love playing together and are about as girly as you can get.
We got the kids donuts for the morning.

Eric finishes his first year of dental school on Wednesday. He has five more finals from now till then. We are so excited to have Eric around again. Andrew still looks at Eric very suspicious since he only spends much time with him on Sundays. Andrew isn't awake when Eric leaves and is already in bed when he gets home. I am now almost 24 weeks and I'm feeling good.

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Melanie said...

How do you do it. You AMAZE me. I love the pictures. Your kids are all getting SO BIG!

Glad you're feeling good. That helps life to feel semi-normal.