Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Eric got me a new camera over a year ago and I am now just starting to learn how to shoot with it manually. Baby food mustache- Andrew has the sweetest, cheesy grin.
Graham Cracker Goatee
Tanner ran out of paper
Mr. Potato Head- Trav can play with Mr. Potato Heads for hours.
Aubs and Tann Pixie Stix
How Tanner was sleeping last night when we went in to check on the boys. That can't be comfortable. Travis has undone his onesie and his one-piece pjs and had pulled off his diaper. He was completely asleep, just holding his diaper. We are going to have to start using safety pins.

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The Smiths said...

Hi Jenny, this is Kevin's wife Natalie. I just thought I'd add on a tip i saw once on a blog with keeping clothes/diapers on kids. They put the one piece sleeper jammmies on backwards so they couldn't get to the zipper. i'm not sure how the feet work though, maybe they just turn around and are a little twisted. Anyways, just thought i'd let u know.