Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I can't believe that it is September! Anyways, we spent most of the weekend in Wenatchee, so Eric could get more studying done. The Nygards are harvesting and canning like crazy and the kids loved "helping" them. I don't think they were able to get much done with us there, but we appreciate them letting us come.

When Eric's Dad got home from work Trav was screaming with a really bad diaper rash (from crazy diarrhea (in case you were wondering)). It got so bad, Trav couldn't walk. Darrell was holding Trav and fell asleep. As soon as Aubs saw the camera, she ran to get in the picture. Love this picture. I let Trav go free for a while while we were outside to help his bottom. I love this picture of the boys picking raspberries. Beautiful Aubs
I took Brian's Senior Pics while we were there. I can't believe how grown up he is and how much he looks like Eric.
Tanner with his "cheese" face. Kids running through the sprinklers.

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Megan said...

Your kids are adorable and they are blessed with an amazing mom!