Wednesday, September 23, 2009


My parents took us to the Spokane County Fair last week. The kids loved getting out and seeing all the animals and people. Aubree rode her first roller coaster. She was right at the height cut-off. She rode it with her cousins and loved it. I love the pictures of her as she is riding. She looks so worried the whole time. She said she had fun even though she doesn't look like it.

Tanner sharing a wrap with Grandpa. He loved being there, watching people, eating, and dancing to the music.
We had 4 strollers that we used to keep all the kids with us.
Aubree with Leah and Grandpa. She said she needed my sunglasses.
I love Aubree's laugh.
Aubs and Tann with our ITouch's.
Travis is such a funny boy. I gave him a bowl with pretzel sticks and he thought he needed to eat them with a spoon. I gave him a spoon and the stick wouldn't stay on the spoon so I broke the pretzels into smaller pieces. He still had a hard time eating them this way and was getting so frustrated.

The kids playing in Tanner's bed.

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