Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Camera

Eric got me a new camera for Christmas and I just got it in the mail this week.  I am excited to learn how to take better pictures and make them look better with photoshop.  Aubs started preschool this week.  She is loving it and doesn't want to come home.  Her brother's both miss her when she's gone.
Tanner is not feeling very good this week.
Trav is almost solely walking.  It is so cute to see him walking all over.  It is so sad that he isn't a baby anymore.
Such a handsome boy.  I came downstairs to find Tanner had put lotion all in his hair.  It was so crusty. 
Beautiful Aubs
I noticed to pictures where Trav was making this same face.  I think it is his serious model face.

Aubree is such a good sister.  Tonight I was talking on the phone when I laid Tanner down, so Aubree went into his room and sang him three songs and "read" him a book.  She is so motherly and sweet with them.


Melanie said...

I love the model look. He will go far with that one. :)

Matt & Bernadette Crawford said...

I think I love having Aubree at preschool as much as she loves being here!