Sunday, January 18, 2009

happy new year!

I can't believe how long it has been since my last post.  It doesn't seem like that much time has passed since Christmas.  Anyways, we have had an interesting last few weeks and it is amazing to see Heavenly Father's hands in our life.   Eric is super busy with school and track, so we rarely see him.  At least it won't be as big of an adjustment for dental school next year.  

Everytime I see Tanner wear this shirt, it makes me smile.  You have to know Tanner to know how funny this shirt is for him to wear.  

Tanner is such a handsome boy!
Aubree and her cousins at Leah's (neice) birthday party.

Trav is growing up too fast.  
Aubree is such a sweetheart!  She had the chance today to give the scripture in primary.  This was only her third week as a sunbeam.  We practiced all week, I took her to the church to practice, and she was so ready.  I went up with her to give the scripture and she was too shy.  I finally covered her eyes with my hand and she was able to say it.  It was so cute.  I almost started to cry.  We were so proud of her.

Aubree sure loves her brothers.  Whenever I sing to her at night, she always wants a song about her brothers.  
Trav loves wearing Aubs glasses.  Everytime he has them on he growls, it is so funny.

Eric's mom made us pajamas for Christmas.
I can't believe how old these kids are getting.  They are so awesome!


Army Petes said...

Jenny, thank you for posting! I know we don't keep in touch much, but I love spying on you via your blog. Your babies are so cute! Track? What is Eric doing with track?

Melanie said...

Isn't Travis a, mischievous? It must be a second child thing.

I have missed your posts.

I hope things are going well.

Cherisse said...

fun update! we miss you. good job Aubree, there are 8 year olds in our Primary who won't get up and do an assignment, that's so impressive!!

Adam & Brandi said...

We sure had fun playing with your kids the other day. Ok, I had fun playing with your kids!!! They are so adorable, and different in their own little way. Aubrey is so loving and kind. She is definitely shy, or was that night. Tanner is very active, fun, and creative. He was very smart to quickly want to spin in the chair. Travis is very curious. He, too, is smart and knew right what to do with the highlighter when the cap came off...put it in his mouth! :D I had a blast with you guys and would love to hang out more often. It is always amazing to us to see Heavenly Father's hands in our lives. He definitely knows us, loves us, and knows what we can handle and what we need. What an amazing knowledge we have, to know that we ARE sons and daughters of a loving Heavenly Father!!! Ok, that's long enough...


Ryan & Brooke said...

Jenny! E-mail me your e-mail adress so I can invite you to our blog. Then you can spy on me like I spy on you.

MEG said...

LOL! Jenny your kids are so sweet. I love the pic of Aubree with her arm around Trav's neck! She freaking cracks me up!