Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hall of Fame

Anita probably won't be very happy that I am blogging about this, but my sister in law is someone I have to brag about.  Saturday night at the Wenatchee High School basketball game they inducted 4 people into their Hall of Fame.  One of them happened to be Eric's sister, Anita.  This is from the newspaper, Anita Nygard won three state championships in the hurdle events for Wenatchee. Nygard, who graduated in 2002 as the Big Nine Track Athlete of the Year, won the state title in the 300 hurdles as a junior in 2001. The following season, Nygard repeated as 300-meter champ and added a championship in the 100-meter hurdles. She was a three-time WHS female track athlete of the year
Anita ended up running on scholarship at BYU and did really well there.  She actually met and married my cousin.  They now have 2 of the cutest kids.  
The picture above is all of us at the game.
With all of us coming to town for the festivities, Eric's parents set up a family picture.  I had to photoshop Eric's brother in because he is in Long Beach, serving a mission.  Can you tell where he is? :)


Cherisse said...

I'm so glad you posted that because Anita would never say anything about it:) She is way to modest about her awesome self. That's so awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Adam & Brandi said...

Wow! Brandon really knows how to use his bleach!!! You did a great job "doctoring" the photo...really we probably would have never noticed. That's quite the clan. They must have had to reserve the whole section at the game/induction ceremony for the Nygard family and friends. Congratulations to her! She really deserves it after so much hard work and determination. And, thanks for sharing because, you're right, you won't find this popping up on her blog (bless her heart)! Can humility be a weakness, too??? :D


Ryan & Brooke said...

Yeah, a road trip. We will be moving this Spring. We don't know exactley when or where to yet, hopefully we'll get orders this month. What month are you thinking about coming out. If it works out it would be wonderful! Glad you contacted me. It's so hard to reach you by phone.

The Maughan Family said...

what a great family! I love it!