Friday, May 9, 2014

Family Pictures 2013

I was getting ready to get some blogging done when Brady accidentily spilled a vase full of water onto my laptop and it no longer works... At least I had it backed up, but now it is more difficult than it already was to get blogging.  Anyways, right before Christmas a very talented friend of mine took our family pictures.  I loved how they turned out, even though I feel large at 30 weeks pregnant.
I am working on a large update with Matthew's birth story, but for now I will be going to do a quick update on the others.  Tanner is now 7 years old and enjoying 1st grade.  His brothers love having him around.  He can make them all laugh and play like nobody else.  Tanner is great at reading, writing, and is learning Chinese in school.  He has a funny sense of humor and loves playing all sports.  Tanner still eats more than all the rest of the kids combined.  
Travis is 6 years old and almost done with kindergarten.  He has become a very proficient reader.  He reads chapter books and studies his animal books.  He knows how to classify any animal you can name.  Travis still loves to draw, do rainbow loom, and play games on the computer.  Travis got a new watch and he loves keeping us all updated on what time it is all throughout the day.  
We had been trying to decide how to include Andrew in our family picture and decided to use the teddy bear that came with Andrew's coffin to "represent" him.  

Eric is almost done with his first year of residency.  He loves what he is doing and I am glad of that, since we don't get to see him as much as we'd like.  We appreciate anytime we have him at home and I know the kids love having a break from just me.
I am back to coaching at the CrossFit gym and I'm loving it.  I love being able to coach and workout with such great people.
Aubree is 8 and almost done with 2nd grade.  She is the perfect student and is loved by her teacher.  She is very helpful and around the house and can now make cookies and mac n cheese on her own.  She helps me with the boys, and is especially helpful with Matthew and Brady.  She is still doing crafts all the time and loves it when any girl comes over.  I sure am grateful for Aubree's help.

Jared is 3 and is as boy as they come.  He is always wearing spiderman or batman clothes and he will tell you how awesome he is.  Jared is a really athletic little boy.  He can run really fast and loves climbing and jumping off high things.  He is the only one I have to worry about around Matthew.  His "loves" to him sometimes are a little too much.  

Brady just turned 2 and he is becoming such a sweet little boy.  He is very quiet, but says enough to always let us know what his wants and needs are.  He loves watching Frozen over and over.  He can sing the whole, Let It Go, song.  Brady loves books.  He loves reading on his own and being read to.  Whenever we change Brady's diapers, he says "Thank You."  When Brady sees a picture of Jesus, he says Andrew.  It is really cute.

We are doing great and excited for summer (for school to be done and not the heat).