Thursday, February 13, 2014

December & January

Another two months has passed and new baby boy will be here soon.  I am 38 weeks today and we're excited to have another sweet boy.  Eric is on his internal medicine rotation at the hospital, so he works pretty much all day/every day.  He is saving his couple days off for when the baby is born.  
The older three are OBSESSED with Rainbow Loom and spend hours everyday making bracelets, necklaces, pencil covers, and anything they can find on YouTube.
Jared and Brady are the best buds and are excited to meet their baby brother (Brady has no idea, but is SO cute with babies).
Travis has 15 bracelets on his wrist.  
Went to check on Jared at bedtime, and I wasn't sure who was in his bed.
The weather in SoCal is beautiful/perfect, so we are able to go to the park everyday.  This is the park right next to our house that we most frequent.
Aubree loves taking care of Brady and he loves her.  
Tanner and Jared
Travis after he lost his first tooth.  He let Eric pull it out and then the next night, Eric pulled out the one right next to it.  Trav didn't even cry.
Aubree donated her hair to Locks of Love.  Beautiful/sweet girl!
We found a new three-story park that had this cool toy.  Brady spent most of his time on it.
Brady loves his books.  He will look at books for a long time and will let me read to him for hours.
For New Years Day we went to Joshua Tree National Park.  It has tons of rocks to climb and play on, but was pretty much a huge desert.
Crazy eyes.  Around Christmastime at a historic hotel in Riverside, they have a lot of lights and decorations all around.  We spent an evening walking around, and this was the best picture I got…
Didn't get many pictures from Christmas morning.  This is Aubree with her favorite Lego Friends. 
Christmas Eve PJ's.  This was our first Christmas on our own and we loved it.  It was hard to be away from family, but fun to start our own traditions and not have to travel.
Brady is so awesome and he loves to wear Jared's hat.
Travis tried to stay up and build Optimus.
Loma Linda University had a winter activity where they brought in snow.  We left all our snow gear in Spokane, so we didn't last that long.  These kids miss the snow.  It is so weird to be in the 80's in December, January and February.
 Santa was at the above party and Brady wasn't impressed.
Christmas Eve jumping on the trampoline with swim suits and sprinkler.
During Christmas break, Jared fell of the side of the couch onto his head.  We had to take him into the ER and he ended up with a concussion.  

Best big sister.  Aubree always offers to change Brady and get him dressed.  I was sick last Sunday and she put Brady down for his nap.  She loves having the opportunity to put him to bed, get him dressed, or feed him.  
Went for a few hikes last month.  The boys are always hoping to find snakes.
Whenever Brady disappears, this is where I find him.

Aubree turned 8 at the end of the year and was baptized at the beginning of this year.  My Dad and Eric's Mom flew in for the weekend, and we loved having them here.
Aubree's baptism was really special.  There was a really cool spirit there and I had a very distinct impression that Andrew was there at the beginning while we sang I am a Child of God.  She was the only person baptized and we had a lot of support from our ward.
Beautiful Aubs.  This girl is special.
There is no one Aubree loves more than her Dad.  Love these two!
Aubs reading to Brady.
Travis and Tanner guarding the door so Eric couldn't leave.  
 We had family pictures taken right before Christmas (that I need to post) and I realized how bad Brady needed a haircut.  This is the day after his first haircute.
 All rest of the pictures are from our day at Joshua Tree.


Julie said...

What program did you use to make Aubree's Baptism Invitation?

Brandon & Janelle said...

Great update. We miss you guys so much!!! Your kids are adorable - and so grownup holy cow! We love you all :)

Laura and crew said...

I'm late to this party, but CUTE pictures. Aubrey looked beautiful for her baptism and I love all the personality in each of those cute boys! Good parenting, Jen!