Sunday, February 6, 2011

Families Are Forever

This Thanksgiving we were in Wenatchee, and one of Eric's moms friends has a vinyl lettering business. I had been wanting to get lettering on our wall for a while, but since we have been moving yearly, I hadn't done it.  With this last move, we knew we would be in Seattle for almost 3 years.  I figured that was enough time in our house to make it worth having the lettering done.  Anyways, I picked up the lettering while we were there for Thanksgiving and put it on our wall right before we had our family pictures done.  I had our last name with Families Are Forever (see on the wall above the fireplace in picture above).  It is pretty amazing how comforting those words are to us are now.  I'm so grateful to have that constant reminder on our wall.
Andrew had the same look on his face in all of the family pictures.  He wasn't sure what was going on.  
I found some more pictures that were on my mom's computer of Andrew.  
 I am so grateful for the chance that I had to be this perfect little boys mom.  He's so special.
 Andrew at the hospital when Jared was born.
 I had never seen this picture.  Andrew is smiling.  He is so cute!  I miss him!
 Our niece was getting baptized in Coeur d'Alene this weekend, so we gave Eric some good study time and headed towards Spokane.  We decided to spend a few days in Wenatchee with Eric's family on our way.  We were able to stop by Andrew's grave a few times.  They aren't able to set a headstone till the spring, so the only way we knew where Andrew's grave was because we found his binky(pacifier) that Aubree had left for him when we'd visited right after his funeral.  We cleaned up all of the old flowers and got a flower windmill that would last better than fresh flowers in the winter.  We also got a balloon from each kid that they would "give" to Andrew.  

Trav watching the balloons for Andrew.
Aubree LOVES her cousins.  She has got to spend lots of time with Leah and Claire. 

When we were in Wenatchee we got to watch Eric's sister, Kirsten in her basketball game.  She did great and even made a free throw.
I couldn't get my camera's settings right, so this was the only one I got of Leah after her baptism.  We are grateful for Leah and her good example to our kids in getting baptized.  She is our buddy!
 ANDREW MEMORY:  Andrew was such a funny boy.  Whenever we would feed him (especially yogurt) he would bite down the spoon and get the biggest grin on his face cause he thought he was pretty funny for not letting us pull the spoon back out.  


knygard said...

Maycie stayed home sick from church on Sunday and when I came home she asked "Did Aubree miss me?" Love the chubby faced picture of Andrew on the dock and also the one before that of his gummy smile, love those cheeks!

Juli from Wisconsin said...

You don't know who I am, your brother in law Blake is a missionary in our ward. He had told me about Andrew, and it broke my heart. After reading your blog I am just amazed at your strength! You are an amazing family! I know Blake really looks up to Eric and the example he is. You have a beautiful family and are a great example of the blessings of the Gospel. I think of you and your family often and pray for your continued comfort.

Emma and Dan said...

I love both family pictures and the one of Andrew in the orange and blue. What an exceptionally adorable little boy!
You're in my prayers and thoughts.

TeaTree Photography said...

You are an amazing woman with many gifts. An inspiration of hope to many! Love you Jenny!