Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Our little Andrew turned 1 on Tuesday.
These pictures are in reverse order of Andrew's first year.
Andrew now has 8 teeth. His front two were the last two to come through, so he has looked like a tarantula. I was hoping they wouldn't be through for Halloween, so he could be a vampire.
We had two family birthday parties for Andrew. One when Eric could be there and one on his birthday. He wasn't sure about the blowing out the candles, but he loved devouring his cupcake.
Andrew has the best blank stare. His eyes are so dark and round, and he has the longest eye lashes. Oh, he is so cute!
He loved making a mess with his cake and ice cream.
Andrew weighs just over 23 pounds and is 31 inches tall.
Andrew has the best smile and laugh. He is so ticklish and when he laughs, it is the best deep belly laugh.
Andrew fits so perfectly into our family. Aubree, Tanner, and Travis each have such a cute relationship with him. They will each play on their own with him getting him to laugh so hard. Andrew brings out the best in each of his siblings.
He is crawling all over and walking along stuff, but isn't walking yet.
Andrew was sealed to our family March 27, 2010.

We are so grateful to have Andrew in our family. He is such a nice boy and we are so blessed to be his parents. We don't have any contact with his birth parents, but we are eternally grateful.

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Lacey said...

What a sweet little face, and large dark eyes... he is going to be a heartbreaker!