Monday, October 11, 2010

2nd Year

I haven't been as good at updating our blog. I have planned on updating it for over a week, but the only time I am on the computer, I am feeding Jared and have only one hand. Anyways, Eric started his second year of dental school on the 29th. He is already really busy and we see him very little, but he is enjoying school and he is the best! I took the picture above the morning before he started. It is fun to see how the kids change with each year of Eric's schooling.
It has been really cool to be so close to a zoo. Eric and I have both been able to take the kids. Travis asks to go to the zoo at least a couple times a day.
Aubs and Tann looking at a sleeping gorilla.
More zoo pics.

Jared is almost 4 weeks old and is getting chubby. He is so cute!
Andrew turns 1 tomorrow. He is such a sweet boy and such a blessing to our family.
My friend who is an awesome photographer took some of her time on her anniversary to take some pics of Jared. Thank You Jennifer! This was probably right before he blew out all over her blankets. Love him!


Quilter family said...

You have the most adorable family! Happy Birthday to Andrew!

Melanie said...

AMAZING! Simple as that!