Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tanner is starting nursery!

Tanner is such a nice/cute boy! He turned 18 months this week and I am excited to be able to teach my Sunday School Class and have Eric take care of Travis (instead of a different person every week). To commemorate this event, I wanted to type up Eric's journal entry from this last Sunday.


Today is Sunday, and we went to church this morning. Jenny left to put Travis to sleep, as the first speaker began speaking and was gone for all but about 5 minutes after that. It was a long sacrament meeting with Aubs and Tan - they are fun, sweet, busy, and loud. We had a water bottle, and about half way through the meeting, Aubree Started yelling "Daddy, Daddy, the water is spilling." I looked down and the water bottle was pouring down through the bottom of the pew and onto the shoes of the people behind us. When they felt the water they all started scrambling to get away. I tried to get the water to stop spilling, without dropping Tanner. This was after Tanner ripped off the trunk of an elephant in his new pop-up book, and before he tore out a page of his other new 'hidden flap' book. Just after ripping the pate out of his flap book, he decided that his mouthful of raisins wasn't what he wanted to be eating, so he spit those all over his and my clothes. But it was alright, because they matched well with the cheddar goldfish crackers that he chewed up and then zerbetted (spit) on my white shirt and tie. When Aubree saw this, she laughed and started spitting out her fruit snacks too. Fortunately, Jenny showed up around this time, so I could listen for the last few minutes, with her help. She then reminded me that it was time for Travis to eat, so about 4-5 minutes later, she left to feed Travis. Aubree and Tanner instantly began screaming for Mommy, and since my arms were full with Tanner and his entertainment, Aubree decided to run out of the chapel to find Mommy. This made Tanner even more upset, so he began arching his back, like sweet, happy children do. After a minute of trying to keep his screams quieter than the speaker I realized that everyone but Brother Bear (name changed) was watching me, and if he were awake, he would have been watching me too. With that realization, I took Tanner out to try and find Aubree. Once we found Aubree, we all went to Jenny in the mothers lounge. Fortunately, she was the only on in there, so we were able to organize a plan and set out for the next two hours of church.. The next two hours were busy also, but at least Aubree is in nursery, so we only have Tanner and Travis to worry about during those times. Since Jenny teaches Sunday School, I take care of Tanner and there are several ladies in Jenny's class that help with Travis, while she teaches. I love having kids; I love going to church; I also love that Tanner will enter nursery next week!

Whoever ends up holding Travis during sacrament gets the easier end of the deal. Tanner is the nicest and busiest boy. It will be fun for Aubs to have Tanner in nursery with her.


Mower Family said...

Ahhh I am so thankful that we are not the soul people to be stared out of sacrament meeting. After one meeting I apologized to the family behind us and they said that they loved seeing kids with personality! I'm all for calling it personality. WOW now think of all of our boys were together. That would be sooo much entertainment. I know that nursery is for the kids to learn but boy it sure is a big blessing in my life!

twoplustwins said...

Here, Here Catherine! I would love to join all of you! One sister in our ward was shocked when she found out I had a 7 year old boy. I was just thrilled that at least one of our children was quiet during Sacrament.
Jenny your story made me laugh because that sounds exactly like our Sacraments. I always love to hear that people face the same fun we do. It always seems like we are the only one having all the fun during Sacrament. I will forever be grateful for Elder M. Russell Ballards talk from the Sunday afternoon session of conference. I now listen to that at least once a week!

The Hardy Boys...and Me said...

You two definitely have you hands full. Oh the excitement of children. It's always so great when they go into nursery!! Although Quinn didn't start liking it until a few weeks before Winston was born. Some kids are better at going then others.

I'm in ah at how optomistic you guys are! Eric's recount of sacrament was pretty hilarious!! Someday we can actually get something out of our meetings...right!?!

Bowles said...

Oh, Jenny. You guys make me laugh! It's all to familiar. But they grow up soon enough. And nursery is a huge blessing!
Enjoy your day!

The Kay Family said...

Well our Sacrament meeting is not *quite* as exciting as yours, so I loved reading Eric's account of how things went. He needs to learn to just wear a "goldfish cracker" shade shirt to church next week and he will be fine. All of your children are cuties! I hope you guys are doing well.

Cher said...

Holy Cow! I love that journal entry, it is so funny now but will be 100x funnier in years to come. You guys are so awesome! I'm so glad to know that other kids aren't perfect either, sometimes I think mine are the only ones being loud or whatever;) Atleast your kiddos are perfectly cute!! Love ya.

Karen said...

Wow! You guys amaze me. I don't know how you do it.

heatherbeus said...

I think what makes this so funny is that it pretty much sums up our Sabbath Day too! Sometimes I wonder why we even bother!

Hagen Family said...

Happy 18 months to Tanner! Elaina turned 18 months on the same day! Only we are the Nursery Leaders! (technically she has been in there since she was nine months) We love the Nursery!

Robert and Leslie Hagen