Sunday, April 20, 2008

Aubree is such a sweetheart!

Aubree is such a sweet girl. She is so caring and loving. She loves taking care of things I think since she has been a big sister since she was 10 months old and watched so many diapers being changed, that she has a stronger interest in mothering things. She is always changing her babies diapers and always helps me change Travis' diapers. In the picture below, she laid out her animals and doll with a diaper each. (I love how the blue bear gets to wear Eric's shoe)

Aubree putting Desitin on her baby's "owy" bottom.

Aubs is a girly girl. She loves purses and jewelry. She will fill up her shopping cart and strollers with babies. It is so cute. Aubree takes such good care of her brothers. It is so cool how much she loves them.

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4 boys and a girl said...

It's Melanie....just wanted to say hello. Your kids are so adorable. I can not believe how much they have grown up in just the past few months since I saw then last. WOW! We are moving to a house on South Hill and will invite you over to play.

The Maughan Family said...

She is so cute! How lucky to have such a sweet little girl and a good big sister. Timothy is like that with Porter. He loves him so much. Isn't it great to have a family!

The Hardy Boys...and Me said...

That's so sweet. Little girls are so much different! I was a very motherly little girl myself. I remember doing many of those things! She is just so cute!

The Osborns said...

I love Aubree! She plays with me in nursery and sometimes I get to go to her house!


I hope David ends up with someone who is a loving mommy like Aubree ;)


What's all this about!? He isn't even 16 yet!


Angela said...

Love the update on Aubree, and the previous post on Tanner's near poop eating incident. You and Eric are sure brave to take on 6 kids, sounds like you had an interesting evening to say the least...LOL I'm very impressed though. Sorry to hear the kiddos have been sick, that is no fun! Hope everyone is getting back to their fun-loving selves!
P.S. That picture of Travis in the bath tub is so stinkin cute. Although I can't pinpoint who he looks like most, you or Eric. And actually his eyes look just like Aubree's....that is so cool. Your family is adorable.