Friday, February 8, 2013

Quick Catch-up

I have lots of pictures from the last month, so this post will be mostly pictures.
Who knew play-doh, Cheerios, and toothpicks could be so entertaining.
When Trav woke up yesterday and whispered to me that he was going to talk like Optimus Prime all day.  It was awesome!

Brady is now 10 months old and is as sweet and cute as ever.  He seems to get chubbier everyday.  He has two teeth now and is crawling and standing.

I can't even look at these pictures without laughing.  I was reading to the kids as they were going to bed and Travis was making his "transformers sounds" playing with some extra wood from the bunk beds.  This was his Megatron.

We celebrated Leah's 10th Birthday.  Sure love this girl.
Brady loves watching the snow outside.

Marshmallow game at Leah's birthday.
Brady with our moving boxes in Seattle.
We had a little birthday party for Aubree before we moved.  Jared was "flexing" for the girls.  
Birthday party girls
Poor Brady
We celebrated Mary's birthday over the break.

We miss living by our Sara!

Tanner plays hard and loves being at Grandma's.
Jared loves his cousin Elsa.
Brady isn't sure about Grandma.

Grandpa cutting the caramels with his machete.
We had some good snow over the break.  Eric took a break from boards studying to build a snowman with the kids.  

We had a Christmas Eve program.

Tanner was "Joseph" and Leah was "Mary".
Trav was either a shephard or a sheep.

Amy, Lincoln, and Leah singing carols.
Merry Christmas!
Followed by a dance party...
I think cinnamon rolls are all Jared ate for two days.
Jared and Amy scootering.
Tanner and Jay loving our Christmas ribs.


Perfecta said...

Brady has a so lovely smile !!!

Winders said...

Optimus Prime!! Priceless!!

Melanie said...

Travis is a riot!!!! The kiddos are SO CUTE!

The Potter Family said...

What's your email so I can add you to my blog readers list? I got totally freaked out after I saw a website that had somehow visited the blog.