Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Brady's Story

 I have been meaning to get Brady's birth story written for the last couple weeks, but when I am sitting I am breast feeding and any other downtime I have I use to rest or hold our other kids.  We have had visitors and helpers staying with us till this last Thursday, so I feel like I am now getting used to life.  I am sad we didn't get any pictures of all of us together at the hospital.  It has been a kind of deja vu for me.  I have already gone to five kids once, and this time I get to do it as a different mom and with an angel son looking over us.  This time the kids are also 18 months older and Eric is in 3rd year instead of 2nd year, so he is able to be home more (which is wonderful!).
I was planning on our new baby boy coming in the exact same time frame that Jared did.  Jared was exactly 2 weeks early and I had the idea in my head that this baby would come early too.  I had my 38 week appointment and I was at a 5cm, just like I was with Jared.  The Dr. stripped my membranes and she said she would probably see me soon.  When I had my membranes stripped with Travis and Jared, they were both born within 24 hours and I was sure this was going to happen again.  I labored the rest of the day and went to the hospital that evening and was still at a 5cm (with Jared I had gone to a 7cm and they just broke my water).  My labored stopped when we got there and the Dr. said she wouldn't induce till I was 39 weeks.  So, I planned on doing all I could to help my labor continue the next day.  I walked a lot and stayed busy and had some labor, but nothing too consistent the next day.  My Doc was on call this night, so I wanted to see if I had progressed at all that day.  Once Eric got home from school and we got the kids down to bed, we headed to the hospital.  The nurse checked me and I was still at a 5cm.  I couldn't believe I had not progressed any more.  My Dr. came in to make sure that I I really was still at a 5cm.  As she checked me she was really "rough" and told me to walk the halls and see if I would progress there.  Unless I got to a 7cm she was not going to keep me there, since I still was not in labor.  Eric and I walked the halls for 45 minutes and I was having good contractions every 2 minutes.  I felt more labor than I ever had in my previous pregnancies.  We got back and I was finally at a 7!  My Dr. said most people she keeps at a 3.   Once I laid down, my contractions stopped again.  At this point I got an epidural, and within 1 hour my water broke as my Dr. was having me turn so she could break my water.  I labored the rest of the night (I got the epidural at about 12:30).  Didn't get much sleep till the Dr. and nurse came in at 8:30am to check me.  I was about to call someone to go to our house to watch the kids so my Mom could come watch the delivery, but I was at a 10cm and they were getting everything ready.  Sara was able to be at the delivery and get everything on video again.  On my next contraction, I pushed 2 and a half times and he was out.  My Doc let me pull him out.  As soon as his head was out she let me do the rest.  It was pretty cool.  I didn't cry during my other deliveries, but I felt Andrew so close during Brady's delivery.  It was such a cool experience.  You don't get much closer to heaven than a baby coming into the world and Brady was as close to Andrew as I can get right now.
Brady was born at 8:41am and weighed 8lb8oz.  He already had some good chubby cheeks and a double chin.  I wonder how big he would've been if I had gone to my due date.  Aubree and Tanner were at school when my Mom brought the other boys and came to meet Brady.  
Aubree is a pro.  She is so natural at holding her brother.  She is really helpful.  Not many 6 year olds have had 5 little brothers to take care of.  Aubree is so sweet with Brady.
Travis loves to get in Brady's bubble the most.  All of the kids have had colds, so they haven't got to hold him that much.  Travis is constantly kissing his head and staring at him.  He still likes to call Brady, "Roger" (that is the name the kids have called baby since we found out it was a boy).  Whenever Brady cries, Travis is always translating his cry for us.  Brady will be crying and Travis will say, "Brady said Ernie"  or "He said Oh Yeah."  Travis has also told me that I am not a cow, cause I don't have udders.
I love watching Jared with Brady.  He gets the cutest look on his face and says "babe".  He holds him tightly and loves feeling Brady's face on his.

Tanner is very helpful with Brady too.  He is always petting him and touching him whenever he can.  He is always trying to entertain Brady, even when the baby is asleep.  Tanner is really excited to get healthy so he can hold Brady more.
These pictures make me laugh so hard every time I look at them.  I asked Eric to get some pictures of the kids with my Mom before church while she was here.  These pictures are our life and it is awesome.

My Mom came to town a few days before I had Brady and stayed for week after he was born.  My Mom is priceless.  At times like this, she knows exactly what I need.  She does all the cooking and cleaning.  She reorganizes rooms, clothes, and our garage.  She got up with the kids everyday she was here and let me sleep in.  The nights during the first week of Brady's life were pretty rough, so it was really nice.  I am so grateful for my mom and her constant/selfless service to our family.  
The rest of the pictures are just random from the last few weeks.
We didn't know where Travis was last Sunday for a bit and ended up finding him on the trampoline in the sun.  He was drawing away.  Normally, Travis is awake 12 hours in a day.  Out of those, he is probably drawing 10 of those hours.  
Brady is looking different everyday.  I still can't tell who he looks like.  He is so sweet.
On Sunday, Eric took the older three kids with him home teaching.  Jared stayed home with Sara and I.  I thought Sara had him while I cleaned up some dishes and this is what we found.  He has tried to climb in many times, but we normally keep the door shut or I catch him before he can climb in.  Jared has never got this far in.  He was stuck and fully clothed (shoes on).  Aubree gave him a newborn binky before she left, he really doesn't use them anymore.
Two instagram pics of Brady

My sister Mary flew in right before my Mom left to give me some more help.  It was so nice to have another couple days of sleeping in and no cleaning.  The kids loved having Mary come and entertain them.  Thank you Mare!  We love you!

This is what Jared does when I am feeding Brady.  
On Saturday Aubree got herself all dressed up and asked me to take some pictures of her.
I LOVE how she dresses herself.
Pretty girl

Tanner wanted in on the pics too.  

These two are awesome!

For Family Home Evening on Monday, Eric taught the kids the stick pull and leg wrestling.  They loved it.  
My friend took some newborn pics of Brady and let me take a few with my camera.  I should have the real ones in a few weeks.  
Brady is such a special boy.  We are so grateful to have him in our family.


Allison Barnes said...

Congrats Jenny! He is beautiful! You are amazing!

Erika said...

Thanks for posting. I LOVE birth stories.
Congratulations on another beautiful baby.
Aubree is GORGEOUS. And such a sweetheart.

Winders said...

I love this post

knygard said...

I love how in the pics with your mom, Aubree is patiently waiting for everyone else to get ready. Usually in our pics it is Maycie distracting everyone. So sweet! Congrats on the new baby, can't wait to meet him!

Melanie said...

I love your stories. They are each so special and fun to read. You kids are beautiful. Aubree is growing up so much...way beyond her years in wisdom that one.

Stephanie B said...

That is so crazy to me that you are at a 5 at 38 weeks. AMAZING! Also, you had a HUGE baby for 2 weeks early. Congratulations, he is adorable!!

Emma and Dan said...

I cannot believe that they sent home when you were a 5! It sounds like the delivery was a great experience and I am very glad. I love birth stories, so thanks for taking the time out of your BUSY day to post.

I really love the way that you have the kids pics at the top instead of a family pic. It is wonderful to see all 6 kids together like that.

Ryan & Brooke said...

Congrats! I think Brady looks more like Andrew than anyone else. How fun. Hope you get some rest as soon as you can.