Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Easter Plus

The flash on our camera needed to get fixed, so we only got a few bad/blurry pics of the kids in their Easter outfits. Andrew is getting so big that you can barely see Aubs. I can't believe how big these kids are getting.

We have been using our old camera to take pictures while our newer one gets fixed. Aubree loves taking pictures with it. This was my favorite one she took out of the almost 100 pictures she took (there was at least 10 self shots).
Goggle boy is back!

Andrew was needing a haircut. The above picture is before and the picture below is the after. He looks so much older. Such a handsome boy!

Love this girl. She is growing up too fast.
Aubree got her kindergarten shots this week. Even though she doesn't start school for another year, the doctor recommended getting them earlier rather than later. She was a tough girl, but did milk with a little limp for the rest of the day.
Aubree is such a sweet girl. Eric and I headed over to Seattle this last weekend to look for housing and left the kids at my parents and sister's. Aubree was in heaven with her cousins. She got to play in her first soccer game and loved it.

Funny Trav!
We have been getting nicer weather and the kids live outside and in any dirt they can find.
These next few pictures are from Easter. Aubree during the easter egg hunt. It was too cold outside. I love Aubree's outfit.
Tanner used a random Jenga box as his easter basket. He still has it full of his eggs.
Travis didn't want to collect eggs when he could start eating candy. We even tried to give him a head start.
Andrew had his 6 month appointment this week. He is almost 20 pounds now. He is loving solid foods and is so full of personality.
Tanner and Aubree had fun dying eggs with their cousins.

Our April fools treat we made this year. Last year we did the cupcakes that were actually meatloaf and mashed potatoes, and this year we did a "hamburger." Aubree and Tanner had so much fun making them and tricking their Dad's classmates.
Applebee's has kids meals for .99 on Wednesday's, so my sister and I met with all our kids. They had so much fun and ask all the time that to go again.

Life is good. I am almost halfway with the pregnancy now and I feel like the baby is growing sideways instead of out. My love handles are growing more than my belly. In the last few days I have started to feel the baby move. It is so cool!


The Wynn Family said...

You are so right about Andrew. His haircut makes him look so much older. .99 cent wed. huh we might have to take advantage of that.

Shannon B said...

HEY! Did you find a place to live in Seattle? Love the pictures! I can't believe Andrew is six months and 20 lbs! That boy is a good eater! That is crazy that you are half way through your pregnancy, that went by FAST (at least for me!) Are you finding out what you are having??