Monday, December 14, 2009

Caught by a Wizard

We have been counting down the days till we get to see Eric. He finishes finals on Wednesday and we are so excited. He started August 10th, so this is his longest quarter he will have. We didn't see much of him last week and every morning Aubree would run into our room hoping that she woke up soon enough to see her Dad. She knows if she wakes up before her Dad, then it is Sunday. The kids are doing good. Andrew is now 2 months old. He is getting so big and alert. His siblings can't get enough of him. Whenever I lay him under his mobile thing the kids have to lay by him. Andrew fits in our family so well. We are so thankful for him.
Trav's birthday cake.

Travis loved being sung to. He was so cute trying to blow out his candles. He didn't realize how hot the flame was though.
At Travis' birthday party, his cousin Spencer painted everyone's faces.
Aubs and Tann love dressing up. Aubree LOVES Fancy Nancy and always tries to accessorize and dress fancy. She asks me why I don't wear bigger earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more stuff. When my sisters are home she is in awe watching them get dressed with their fancy jewelry and belts.
We made a ginger bread house this last week. Aubree and Tanner would put candy on, but Trav would only eat the candy off. (I love Tanner's face in the picture below)
Our kids are growing up too fast. I can't believe our 3,2,1 year olds will soon be 4,3,2 year olds. They are such good friends (good friends that tease and fight!). Tanner has pretty sensitive skin and when he gets out of the bath I have to put special cream on him. Anyways, every time he gets itchy or wants to remind me to put the cream on he says, "Mom, I need the sour cream." It makes us laugh every time. I wonder if sour cream would help?
I forgot to post this picture of Thanksgiving. I will have to post it on Facebook next. A lady in our ward brought over a bunch of clothes and the girls (my sisters) were trying them on.
I walked out of my room and found Trav like this on our kitchen table. He wanted to be the baby. :)

ps. Oh, so we had our ward Christmas party on Saturday night and Santa was going to be there. A guy was on the microphone, saying Santa was getting close but was caught in a blizzard. Aubree thought he said caught by a wizard and no matter how many times we explained to her what it meant to be caught in a blizzard, she still could not imagine why Santa would get caught by a blizzard. "What did Santa have that the wizard wanted?"

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Melanie said...

He he he...that post is very funny. Your sisters look ADORABLE!