Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lots of Fun...

As soon as our family reunions started, I got two, sweet cold sores on my lips, so it makes me look like i have red lipstick on just the front of my lips.
We tried to get a couple family pictures and these were the best we got. It took a lot of entertainment to get both boys looking forward and smiling. They are so cute!
The kids loved being with family and playing outside all day. It was so fun to spend time with family we haven't seen in too long.
Trav is a funny boy. If he ever sees an open car door he runs towards it with a huge grin on his face and climbs in. For some reason, he loves playing in any car. In the picture above he put the seat belt on himself. Tann loved roasting marshmallows. He would sit forever with his marshmallow out, not realizing it wasn't close enough to cook.
We spent a lot of time in the spa. This is Aubs with Amy (my sister) and her kids.
Aubree got the first haircut of her life. My sister, Jackie cut her hair. It makes her look too old.AFTER

The Wilson Family
My parents and their 14 grandchildren.
Just the original Wilsons.
Cute picture except that my oldest brother Tom looks dumb.
My brother Steve and his family.
The unmarried kids. I love that my Dad sneaked into their picture.
My sister Amy's family.
Some of the older grandkids. Aubree was in heaven playing with her friends all day, everyday for 2 weeks.
Another try at a family pic. Tanner was tired of pictures. My brother Tom and his family.
Love this pic of Trav. He is with his cousin Taylor that he loves. TayTay was one of his first words.
Trav eating cereal. I love that he has corn flakes on his forehead.
More Trav. He is into organizing stuff. For some reason he thought he needed to carry all of the noodles around.

Eric is so cute! It was so great to have him around all of the time for 2 weeks. Our time with him around is coming to an end with him starting school on the 10th.
Tanner has the cutest personality. He is so friendly to everyone. I love this picture of him with his sun hat on.
We went with Amy and her family to Hogle Zoo. The kids loved it, but it was too hot. The picture above is Aubs at the discovery/park area.
Trav being a boy. For some reason, he need to make a pile of dirt.
I like this pic Eric took of me with Trav. Our kids are so squeezable! I love 'em. I didn't get a family picture for my sister Jackie. I did have this cute picture of her massaging my Aunt Jody's scalp. Jackie gave every girl in our family a haircut. She is always serving people.
Doesn't get much cuter than this. Eric took all the kids for rides on my Grandpa's 4-wheeler. Tanner and Travis giggled the whole time.
Tanner was the biggest fish. By the end of this reunion he could jump off the diving board and go down the slide by himself. He even did it a couple times without a life jacket. Tann was in heaven.
Aubs loved swimming too, but she wanted to be holding onto one of us.
We had the opportunity to go to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House. It was really beautiful. Tanner during the movie before the tour. He is so handsome!

We are in Wenatchee for another week and then we will be in Spokane finally unpacking our house and playing as much as we can till Eric starts school. It has been so fun being in Wenatchee. Eric's mom spoils the kids. When they weren't feeling too good before our vacation, she rubbed their feet with lotion every night. The kids love their Grandma.


Britty said...

aww...So FUN to see the whole Wilson Fam, Jenny! You look so cute and so does everyone else. I can't get over the youngest 3 girls...they are so old. Tell everyone hi for us!

Melanie said...

Man you guys are busy with some amazingly fun stuff. Good Luck with Eric starting school in a few weeks. Ugh!

tara said...

That was so fun to see all the siblings and their families. When did Tom get all skinny?! Those are really cute pictures. It was so fun to see you.

PS - I'm having a BOY!

Bowles said...

Wowwee! Looks like everyone had a blast hangin' out with Family for 2 weeks. Thanks for all the pictures. I like to see how All your family is doing. The kids look great and so do you and Eric.
I am glad you guys are enjoying your time before Eric starts school.
Have a fun day!!

Waylon & Rachael said...

Your family is beautiful! I love family reunions:) The cousin bonding is amazing! I'm glad you are having an AWESOME summer:)