Monday, November 3, 2008


I can't believe that it is already November!

Halloween was really fun this year with Aubree and Tanner old enough to enjoy it. We trick or treated around the Eastern campus and went to our ward's trunk or treat. While we were trick or treating at Eastern, Aubree turned to me and said "I love Halloween, Mom." It doesn't get much better than dressing up and candy to her.

2 Dragons and Tinkerbell
Love this picture of Trav. The costume pushes his cheeks out, so he looks super chubby.
Aubree and Tanner with their candy.

The rest of the pictures are from Tanner's birthday party. I don't know what Aubree is supposed to be. She just loves dressing up.
Tanner blowing out his candle. I made him a spider cake and he LOVED it. I wish I would've got a picture from the front.

Tanner loved getting sung to for his birthday. I love this video because Isaac (my nephew) had his eye on the candle and knew he was going to blow it out before Tanner. We did relight it and Tanner was able to blow it out.


Melanie said...

Aubrey is a true girl. Dress-up's and more dress-up's. She must be easy to Christmas shop for.

I totally saw the candle blow out coming. He was ready to pounce on that one.

The Maughan Family said...

So fun! I love it, Tim was the red dragon from Old Navy it looks a lot like Trav's costume. I will post pics soon hopefully, I have to find my cord to my camera! Looks like you guys had a blast!

Who we are.... said...

I just came across your blog and your story is so inspiring and amazing! We were approved for adoption in Washington (I graduated from EWU) but just moved to California and are trying to get reapproved. Your family is so cute!

Brandon, Dee Anne, & Boston said...

You can never have too many dragons! Hey Eric (although I imagine Jenny manages the blog), looks like I found your blog. How is everything going for you guys these days? It's been too long since we've talked. Wow, you've got some good looking kids. I hope your recovery is still going well. Take care of yourself, and keep in touch.