Sunday, June 29, 2008


A friend let me borrow her camera, so I took a bunch of picture of my kids and my sister, Amy's kids. I like how some of them turned out, but I want to learn how to use adobe better and to take better pictures. Anyways, sorry the pictures are out of order, I was having problems uploading them. I love the summer. I love the kids being able to play outside and get worn out. They love swimming and going to the park. Anyways, this post is pretty random, but I wanted to get a post done because we are going to be moving this week and I won't be able to for a while. Peace.
Travis is sitting up all by himself now and is rolling all over the place. He is such a nice boy.
Trav loves being able to sit up and play in the tub now.
I wish we had a 3-seater stroller. Aubree and Tanner are a tight squeeze in the back seat, but they love going for walks and to the park like this.
I found a super nice powerwheels at a garage sale for $10 and the kids love it.
Tanner figured out he could reach the water dispenser on my parent's fridge. He thought he was pretty cool. He is so cute!

Aubree and her friends. Everytime Amy's kids come over, she yells "My friends! My friends!" Aubree loves her cousins.

My sister Amy's 4 kids (Leah, Claire, Isaac, Taylor).

This morning before we started getting ready for church, Eric took this picture of the kids. They are so cute together. I can't wait to see them grow up together. Pretty soon they are all going to be close to the same size. Sorry about Aubs lack of clothing.

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Stephen said...

These pictures are so cute. :-) Your kids are the cutest.

Megan Griffin said...

AAAAAAAHHH I love how you still say "Peace!" I still do too and now I realize I probably got it from you. My husband thinks it's the strangest thing to say when you are leaving. Cute pictures of your kids! Good luck moving - I HATE moving. Can you send me your address? My email is

twoplustwins said...

very cute pictures! The kids are darling and I love the one of tanner and the water. where are you moving to? Good luck with it.

brett said...

Hi Nygards,

Your kids are SO cute. I am so glad that you have a blog so that we can keep track of your family. We hope you can come down to California for a visit soon.

Natalie Remund

Bowles said...

Great pictures of the kids! They are growing so fast and its amazing how well they all play together.
Good luck with your move. I hope all goes well. Let us know where you are when you get there and settled abit.
Take care and have a wonderfully awesome day!

Anonymous said...

Jenny!! I love blogs, and i am so glad you found me! Your family is so cute, and what an amazing story. I have a 2 year old, and i can't comprehend what it would be like with 2 more. I bet it is the best! I love being a mom! You guys look great.

ady said...

Looks like you guys are having a great summer. Everything is nice and toasty down here in Florida. Hope all is well. We finally got our blogspot up and running, so check it out sometime. Hope all is well. Love you guys. The Frames