Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mostly pictures!

I just wanted to put up mostly pictures of the kids. They are getting so big and they're growing too fast. Travis is almost 6 months old.
Tanner is such a handsome boy!
Aubree got a new bike and helmet. This is how she puts it on (backwards).
Travis gets a little slobbery. I love his smile.
Tanner at the water park.
Aubree aka August Rush
Tanner will not stay away from dirt. This picture was after we'd taken family pictures.
Aubree pushing Travis around in a laundry basket. Trav looks thrilled.
Amy's kids with Aubree and Tanner at my Mom's house. Notice how Tanner is holding his popsicle.
Aubree at the water park.
Aubs loves making this face and helping Tanner and Travis to make this face too.
Tanner with a yogurt goatee. This boy loves his food.


Tara said...

What a serious bunch of cuties! I love the picture of Aubs and the guitar. She is so funny!

Shannon B said...

What cute and fun personalities each of your kids have...I love it!

Bowles said...

Jenny, your kids make me laugh. Which isn't surprising because they are your kids. I am glad you get to enjoy them for who they are. Its fun being a mom.
Have a great day!

Cherisse said...

They are getting big! They are so cute, today I worked at the rental center (just for today) and I hated not being around my kids all day. They create so many smiles! Thanks for posting all the pictures, they are soo incredibly cute! Love ya!

Emma and Dan said...

So cute! My favorite's were of August Rush and Rugby Tanner. Little Travis is so big already!

The Child Family said...

I know this sounds nutz but, Aubrey looks like your twin! Do you get that? And Tanner has a look of your dad. SERIOUSLY!
They are definately ment for your family.
Love you!