Sunday, March 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

My Dad is was born on February 29th, 1952. He celebrated his 14th birthday on Friday. Anyways, we are doing good! We have been really busy. I think that we are doing good and that we can handle 3 kids, and then I get days at church like today. Travis had just fallen asleep and Eric was taking care of Tanner. Aubree was standing next to me on the bench and she fell over the side into the aisle, head first. I caught her by her leg, so she didn't hit her head, but I woke Travis back up. So, Travis wakes up and Aubree starts crying, so I have to take them both out. When we leave Tanner starts to cry. It took me another 20 minutes to get Travis back to sleep and when we get back in, Aubs spilt a bunch of lifesavers into the aisle. I couldn't pick them up cause I was holding Travis and Eric was keeping Tanner busy. Kind of fun! I then had to teach Sunday School with Travis in my arms and Eric taking care of Tanner (he was really tired). It all worked out. Tanner has 7 more weeks till he starts nursery. I love being a Mom. Our kids are so nice! Eric is such a good Dad. He is so fun to watch as he takes care of all the kids. Travis is 12 weeks old now. He weighs 13 and a half pounds. Aubree and Travis as their well child appointments and Travis got 4 shots. Aubree is slowly moving onto and down the charts. She weighs 34lbs and is 36inches tall.

Here are a few pictures of the kids. They are all growing too fast. Travis is 12 weeks old.

Tanner is such a handsome boy. We just gave him a haircut.
Aubree is such a sweetheart! She loves going to church and to nursery.


twoplustwins said...

Oh Jenny,
You guys are doing great and don't worry about church! It is exhausting and frustrating most of the time but you are there and that is where you should be. We are just finally getting so we can keep everyone in Sacrament meeting and the boys are 2.5...We sit in the very back and come with the better show up early or you get to sit by the Campbells and well is it always fun! Just yesterday during a testimony Brett dumped over the chair in front of us! Keep smiling, the tough times at church will pass and you will kind of miss the excitement :o)

Toby and Tammy said...

How fun for updates! I got to see your family on Sunday, I am up here for the week.
What a busy Sunday you had. I bet you kept the people who sat behind you very intertained! :)
Glad you guys are doing well.

Tara said...

Jen, I get goosebumps when I look at your kids. They are so precious and so lucky to have you as a mom. I'm sure they are a handful, but they're a cute handful!

Shannon B said...

Church sounds VERY entertaining!!! I wish I was there to help you. PRECIOUS KIDS!!!!!!

HalnJess said...

I wish I could have been a fly on the wall. My sister-in-law had to speak once and saw her toddler literally climbing up the curtains on the side of the chapel because her husband had dozed off.

Bless your heart. Your kids are SO dang cute, though.

Cher said...

I wish I could've seen it, I would've laughed so hard, only because I've gone through the same situations. You guys are so incredible, just think how much your capacity is growing! They are all so darling. Miss you guys!

Matt, Shaila, Malcolm and Quinn said...

The pictures of the kids are way cute! So sad when you have a hard day with the kids at church. Sometimes you wonder why you're even there when you don't even get to listen. But in the end, it's all worth it!!